Enciclopedia Viellasiana (ING)

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Enciclopedia Viellasiana (ING)

da Wahya-7 » 25 settembre 2016, 18:49

Ciao a tutti ragazzi, la situazione è questa: Stavo scrivendo il mio libro, un libro che parla, in breve, di un universo parallelo chiamato Viellas, dove vive una società di umani molto più evoluta della nostra in grado di usare magia e una tecnologia molto più avanzata, con tanto di mostri, déi, eroi e bella compagnia (la storia è più incasinata dei miei compiti).
Per svariati motivi adesso sono BLOCCATISSIMO sul libro, quindi ho pensato bene di fare, nel frattempo, un' "enciclopedia", al fine di ritrovare ispirazione... e perché no dai, dato che sto studiando all'estero ho deciso di farla in inglese :D
Tenete conto che è la prima volta che scrivo in inglese o che studio all'estero, quindi per forza di cose ci saranno errori e forme sbagliate, se le trovate o se semplicemente conoscete un modo migliore per formulare una frase ditemelo, ogni aiuto e/o critica sarà ben accetta :)
La prima parte che ho scritto riguarda i veicoli... o meglio un veicolo per ora, spero vi piaccia e che si capisca tutto.


The Raptor
When i say “hold on” hold on tight, when i say “hold on tight” just sqeeze me ~ Matt to an unknown redblood
The Raptor is one of the most common vehicles on land, it can reach a high speed in just a few seconds and it is easly manueverable, it is mostly used to explore areas or travel, even if some models are designed to be used in war or combat.
It normally supports 1 passenger (beside the driver).

The raptor is a long and narrow opened vehicle wich is powered up by 1 jet engine on the back and 1 under it, plus some little ones on the flanks wich grants a better manuevering.
it float about 1 meter above the ground except for some different models.
It is driven thanks to a bar which is placed inside the vehicle and it’s accessible by two holes placed in the control panel.
More the driver pushes the bar forward, more the vehicle will go faster, the user will have to move the bar like a steering wheel in order to steer.
If the bar is pulled backward the vehicle will restrain, and if it is moved upward the vehicle will jump thanks to a propulsion of the jet engine under it.
Most of the raptors models have 1 tech slot where the user can store a module which changes it’s settings and form, allowing the vehicle to go somewhere else than just on the ground.
the modules can be switched on or off from the control panel

The most known and used modules are.

This module changes the type of propulsion of the jet engines and it modify slightly the shape of the vehicle allowing the user to drive it underwater.
It turns the propeller under the vehicle in a pump that stores the water inside the back jet engine, this last one becomes a water jet propeller which grants a good movement in every directions.
The jet engines on the flanks are turned in water jet propellers too in order to grant a good manuverability even underwater.

This module adds a couple of retractable wings on the flanks and it provide a better propulsion of the jet engine under the vehicle at the expense of the flank’s propellers.
These settings grants a good gliding potential.

This module changes much the shape of the vehicle creating a protective dome around the user but it reduces a lot the speed.
This module is really useful to explore planets with enviromental threats like acid rains, venomous atmosphere, lava rivers etc.
Anyway is not recommended to use this module in war zones, due to the low speed, indeed the protective dome does not last long at direct attacks, in particular at the magic ones

This module transferes all of the propulsion power from all the jet engines at the propeller on the back, leaving just a little energy to the jet engine under the vehicle, in order to keep it floating.
With this module the Raptor can nearly double it’s standard max speed, but it’s nearly impossible to steer nor jump.
Useful for fast travels with a linear route and useless for anything else.

This module changes the shape of the vehicle making its frontal part pointed.
With a good speed and a brave driver the vehicle can even go through a wall made of diamond

There are plenty of models on the market, here’s a list of the most known.

REXUS M-19 2.5
The Rexus model is one of the most used and famous due to it’s balanced settings and it’s accessible price.
Basically it’s a standard Raptor, with nothing special implemented.
Produced by: Rex-Rexus company

H-REXUS M-05 1.1
This Rexus model is still balanced like it’s old predecessor, but all of it’s attributes are just higher.
Unfortunatley even it’s price is considerably higher
Produced by: Rex-Rexus company

SHADE M-14 3.0
The Shade model’s telaium is rivested with micro magical crystal shards that changes colors depending on the enviroment, furthermore i has a low noise system that can be triggered from the control panel, turning it on will make the vehicle produce low or no noise, but it will also decrease slightly it’s speed.
Perfect for stealth missions, it can be found at a decent price, mimetic suit not included
Produced by: Nog Engines

The Doubletrouble model has the useful feature of having 2 tech slots.
It’s speed and manouverability are lower than the standards but the durability is a little higher
It can be found at a decent cost on the market.
Produced by: Nog Engines

The Tripleprouble’s features are identical at the Doubletrouble’s ones, with the exception of a little lack of speed due to a higher size, indeed it’s seat can support two other passengers besides the driver
It cost just a little more than it’s smaller brother
Produced by: Nog engines

FIGHTER M-10 1.7
This model is used only by the army and the members of the Order of the Adventurers, the sale is forbidden to ordinary people.
This module is designed for rapid firefights and to move quickly in the battle field, however is one of the less used war vehicle because it’s easly destroyable by spells and projectiles.
A lot of skills are requied to drive it efficently.
It has 2 turrets implemented in front of the vehicle which can shoot both physical and energetic projectiles, it can even be loaded with special projectiles
Produced by: Viellas Military Department

The Swiftstrem is a light and small vehicle wich trades an heavy and strong telaium for a powerful jet engine.
It is the fastest model on the market and it keeps a good maneuverability
Produced by: Mendall Company.
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